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Rams head coach Sean McVay has learned what Chiefs coach Hank Stram did in the 1960s—play-action throws are the most efficient way to move the ball through the air. And against Bill Belichick and the vaunted Patriots, it may give his Rams their best chance at writing their own chapter in Super Bowl lore. In his 1931 book Coaching: The Complete Notre Dame System of Football, Knute Rockne writes: “No forward pass play is good unless both the passer and the receiver cover up as long as possible the fact that it is going to be a forward pass play.” Rockne’s primary method for achieving that: faking an off-tackle run. I’m not sure I get what they’re doing.’ There aren’t a lot of guys who are going to do that. He took the Rams to the playoffs last season and now, in Year 2, has them in the Super Bowl preparing to face the New England Patriots on Sunday in Atlanta in a game in which McVay will match wits with Bill Belichick, twice his age and perhaps the greatest coach in NFL history. He’s the quarterback, an employee, and no matter which coach the Rams hired in Jan. 2017, Goff would play for him. It was horrible. You lost your mind against those guys.Then the alarm went off — at 3 a.m. sharp — and McVay arose a new man.While McVay might be a brutally harsh self-critic, he has nudged, nurtured and energized the Rams with a deftly divine touch, infusing a formerly moribund operation with a joie de vivre that has extended into January. After averaging just 14 points per game in 2016 — by far the league’s worst output — L.A. finished this season atop the NFL rankings at a 29.9-points-per-game clip. Given that he was 50 miles south on a Thursday afternoon in the traffic capital of North America, a quick arrival was a tricky proposition. Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson became only the fourth pair of teammates in the last 30 years to each run for 100 or more yards, according to NFL Research. We have the best and most experienced team, but without the great competition we have had to this point and what remains on the schedule, it would be somewhat hollow. From 2011 to 2013 he was the tight ends coach for the Redskins. His high school opponents haven’t forgotten it, and neither have his former teammates. After the Rams won, the Ashkouti brothers even tossed the coach aloft in celebration, just like you see when a team wins a title. Fair play. To do so he’ll need to beat Bill Belichick, a coach twice his age with 10 times the Super Bowl experience and a similar knack for leading his team to narrow wins on the biggest stage. You make your shot and he misses his, that’s how you know he’s human. You turn on some Ginuwine, some old Pretty Ricky, some Post Malone.For more high school stories, stats and videos, visit. to buy tickets

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In the NFL, he has thrown interceptions at roughly the same clip. He spent the following three seasons as the Redskins ‘ tight ends coach, and when Jay Gruden replaced the fired Shanahan following the 2013 season, he promoted McVay to offensive coordinator. Asked if players had a curfew, McVay indicated one would be put in place as the week progressed. “It’s really kind of a buildup,” he said. “Our players are so good, you talk to some of the veteran leaders, you want to allow them to enjoy it. “What I think has been helpful for our team, we treat these guys like grown men, and they demonstrated the ability to handle themselves that way. He stays even-keeled at the tightest moments in the game. online broadcast game


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Louis Rams and New England Patriots played in New Orleans in 2002. When the off-week began I honestly received 99 ticket requests. We work diligently to ensure that our numbers are the most accurate celebrity net worth data you will find anywhere on the internet. RATE THE COMMERCIALS: Help Ad Meter pick the best Super Bowl ad BRADY DILEMMA: It easy to hate QB. His grandfather, John McVay was the former general manager of the San Francisco 49ers who aided the team win five Super Bowl seasons. It was 1974 and the Bears were coming off five consecutive losing seasons, sputtering through rocky play by Bobby Douglass, Gary Huff and Jack Concannon among others. Ten of Goff’s 12 interceptions came when he wasn’t using play-action. But no one remembers Sean yearning to coach when he was playing. Chadwick found McVay at the end of the bench, where the medical personnel were gathered and where some spectators could hear every word he was saying. When Chadwick walked away for good, McVay turned to the doctors and grinned. We knew Sean was going to find that guy who intercepted him.Later, Jim became a Notre Dame assistant and told McVay, then with the 49ers, that Joe Montana wouldn’t be a bad third-round gamble. McVay then served as a United Football League assistant with the Orlando Tuskers, coached by Gruden’s brother Jay, who then became the Redskins’ head coach and brought along McVay. I know he jokes about not knowing what’s going on in the world, and, yeah, things like getting a mortgage and getting credit cards were a whole new thing for him.Being Sean McVay means you’re never too young to be necessary. He has been a sports columnist for newspapers since 1980 and a professional sportswriter since 1974. Philadelphia’s Herm Edwards (now Arizona State’s head coach) picked up the ball and returned it for the winning touchdown in what became known as “the Miracle of the Meadowlands.” He remained with the team for more than two decades, helping amass the players who turned the 49ers from an awful team in the late 1970s into an NFL juggernaut. Los Angeles used three receivers on an astronomical 90 percent of their offensive plays during the regular season. God, my dad bought me a Rams uniform when I was about 9 years old.”But they are now making their love for the Rams plain in a short video featuring former quarterback Vince Ferragamo. watch the broadcast