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These results are not surprising and underscore the need for prevention of lower extremity injuries and concussions. NCAA publications include position statements on such issues as sports safety and sports medicine, as well as rules of play and sports statistics. In addition, we were also interested in exploring other relevant clinical tests (eg, vision, mental health) that might be conducted along with the concussion-assessment batteries. These championship events include an estimated 44,000 participants each year. By far, the most popular of these championships has been the Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. The NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. NCAA National Championship trophies, rings, and watches won by UCLA teams Instead, several outside bodies award their own titles; see below. Winning teams maintain permanent possession of these trophies unless it is later found that they were won via serious rules violations.
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Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association.

By 1982, however, all divisions of the NCAA offered national championship events for women’s athletics and most members of the AIAW joined the NCAA.The move was intended to separate the NCAA from direct influence of any individual conference and to keep it centrally located. Legislation is then passed on, which oversees all the cabinets and committees, and also includes representatives from the schools, such as athletic directors and faculty advisors. See Appellant’s Br. at 14 n. 2. 9. ?We emphasize that we make no findings of fact. ? Rather, we simply hold that Smith presents a viable theory for subjecting the NCAA to Title IX’s requirements and thus her proposed amendment would not be futile. ? We hold no opinion as to whether Smith’s allegations are true or whether the NCAA ultimately controlled the NYSP and the Fund. The most frequent severe game injuries were all associated with player contact, whereas the top severe practice injuries were associated with noncontact injury mechanisms. Game Injuries The mechanisms of game concussions over all years are displayed in Less than 1% were associated with contacting the goal.Most game (53%) and practice (65%) ACL injuries resulted from noncontact mechanisms. The NCAA has a three-division system of Division I, Division II, and Division III.
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Descriptive Epidemiology of Collegiate Women’s Soccer Injuries: National Collegiate Athletic Association Injury Surveillance System, 1988–1989 Through 2002–2003.

JUSTICE WHITE, with whom JUSTICE BRENNAN, JUSTICE MARSHALL, and JUSTICE O’CONNOR join, dissenting. Ironically, most people still believe softball players are recruited for college late in their high school careers, and scouted based on their high school statistics in a glamorous procedure; in reality, kids are asked as early as middle school to make verbal commitments impacting their adult lives. The majority further deviated from the presumption of severability by declining to sever despite uncertainty and a paucity of evidence about congressional intent. The independent variables that distinguished these variables were division and presence of a football program. Despite these limitations of previous studies, the current injury distribution is similar to that reported at other levels of soccer play, demonstrating that more than two thirds of all injuries occurred in the lower extremities. For example, 17 responding universities had women’s water polo programs, of which 16 (94.1%) conducted preparticipation assessments.This study is the first, to our knowledge, to examine concussion-related protocols and preparticipation assessment practices in the collegiate setting across all divisions.
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